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I am just another soul passing through that is excited to contribute to the beauty of the myriad of legacies of love that have come before me. It is a blessing to celebrate the open hearted transformations of the people that I share this journey with.

I really believe that to be an ethical meditation teacher and to move into sustainable healing, we must be firmly rooted in our own practice to adequately hold the light as a guide for others. I put this into practice with my weekday live sound therapy sessions on insight timer but I also maintain my own private practice that reflect my values associated with my own rites as a pagan, folk practices from my ancestral line, and what I believe to be the most effective and efficient pranayama and meditation techniques.

I have deep respect for all of the subscribers and clients that participate in meditation with me. My goal is to help you fully understand that as you move through meditation and you're cultivating any harmonious states of being, you are the one who does this work to calm your nervous system, tap into healing and allow wholeness to come forward. With consistent practice you can begin to cultivate these states with more ease helping you to walk truly empowered. 

Many of my teaching practices stem from a variety of healing modalities including breathwork, meditation, and sound healing. My education stems from traditional yogic practices from India, my integrated studies and psychology degree, mindfulness and meditation training, and the highly acclaimed school of life. 

My primary influences are neuroscience, stoic philosophy, epigenetics, biological and positive psychology, ancient and transcendent mysticism, archetype and myth examination, and the medicine of sound. 


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