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Virtual Wellness with the Nymphaea Caerulea Alchemy Temple

To be of service, I stream live donation-based sound therapy and meditation on a global platform from a private location. In the evenings on Tuesday and Thursday, I host lullaby sessions.  

You can find me live every weekday on the meditation platform Insight Timer. Through their phone app or on their website under the live section at the following times: 

Meditation schedule is Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 3:30pm MST, Tuesday and Thursday at 10:30am MST. Lullaby sessions are held Tuesday and Thursday 9:00pm MST. Lullaby sessions are dimmed to soothe the optic nerve and include seasonal collections of poetry and prayers.

These public sessions reflect many of my personal practices and philosophies, and cater to a global audience. If you would like a private online session that caters to your specific needs from anywhere in the world that has a stable internet connection, please ask about private bookings. 


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The Space

The Nymphaea Caerulea Alchemy Temple was inspired into being by the necessity to stay at home during the pandemic, musical and meditation mentors, and the desire to not only remain grounded during chaotic times but to harvest wisdom from the journey. The space has evolved over time as more instruments have been added and the whole space eventually became devoted to this practice. Since it's inception, I have streamed over 300 live, public meditation and sound therapy sessions. Sometimes with cats. 

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White Sand and Stone

 Insight Timer Review

"Yet again, beautiful sounds, music and words coming from Kristen in another amazing gift to me and others in the community here. Her and her gift are calming, relaxing, healing, soothing, uplifting, inspiring, good and beautiful for people. We are fortunate to have her on Timer and in our life. "

Soothing Bell

Insight Timer Review

"You are a treasure Kristen, ty for these moments."


Insight Timer Review

"Thank you, Kristen. I was late, but what I witnessed healed something in my heart that I didn't know was broken. I am so grateful for you always... sending you so much love. "

All of my global online sound therapy sessions and meditations are free, without ads, and will always remain so.  If you would like to donate towards the cost of instruments and the sustainability of the sound temple, I am grateful for your contribution. 





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