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Virtual Wellness with the Blue Iris Sound Temple

To be of service, I stream live, donation-based sound and meditation sessions on a global platform from a virtual wellness space called the Blue Iris Sound Temple. 

You can find me live during the week on the meditation platform Insight Timer either through their phone app or on their website under the live section at the following times: 

Tibetan bowl sound therapy takes place every Monday at 9:00pm MST and crystal singing bowls are every Friday at 9:00pm MST. Our multidimensional lullaby session that includes a variety of instruments, storytelling and poetry takes place on Thursday at 9:00pm MST. Lullaby sessions are dimmed to soothe the optic nerve.

Each of these sessions features a chat area to connect with fellow meditators and to interact with me or ask any questions that you have during sessions. This allows us to connect beautifully as a community, where we can support each other week by week, sharing our commitment of our own personal aspirations of well being as well as holding the intention towards the greater good for all. 

These public sessions reflect many of my personal practices and philosophies, and cater to a global audience. If you would like a private online session that caters to your specific needs from anywhere in the world that has a stable internet connection, please ask about private bookings. 


Find me on:

The Space

The Blue Iris Sound Temple was inspired into being by the necessity to stay at home during the pandemic, musical and meditation mentors, and the desire to not only remain grounded during chaotic times but to harvest wisdom from the journey. The space has evolved over time as more instruments have been added and the whole space eventually became devoted to this practice. Since it's inception in 2020, I have streamed over 400 live, public meditation and sound therapy sessions. Sometimes with cats. 

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Image by Alexander Grey


Insight Timer

"Thank you, Kristen. I was late, but what I witnessed healed something in my heart that I didn't know was broken. I am so grateful for you always... sending you so much love. "

"During these disturbing times this meditation is an opportunity to soothe and bathe in light and peace."

Live Session

Kristen, your talent takes my breath away, it truly is a gift from God. The 1st time I went to your live event I was totally blown away by your talent and I didn't want the time to end. I feel the same each and every time I go. Thank you so much for sharing your remarkable gifts with us. May God bless and keep you and yours always. 

Insight Timer

"Having gone through a subdural hematoma, this meditation definitely helps, especially the calm voice which helps the anxiety. Thanks, bless you"

"Lovely - I am left feeling refreshed and connected, both to myself and source. Thank you."

Live Session

"Yet again, beautiful sounds, music and words coming from Kristen in another amazing gift to me and others in the community here. Her and her gift are calming, relaxing, healing, soothing, uplifting, inspiring, good and beautiful for people. We are fortunate to have her on Timer and in our life. "

Insight Timer

"Extraordinary meditation to connect to your inner wisdom. NAMASTE"

"You are a treasure Kristen, ty for these moments."

"Soothing and powerful, a balm to my soul. Gratitude"


Bio & Contact

I am just another soul passing through, excited to contribute to the beauty of the myriad of legacies of love that have come before me. It is a blessing to celebrate the open hearted transformations of the people that I share this journey with...

All of my global online sound sessions and meditations are free, without ads, and will always remain so.  If you would like to donate towards the cost of instruments and the sustainability of the sound temple, I am grateful for your contribution. 





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