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Imbolc Benediction 2022

Into the rumblings of the quickening I go. In perfect love and perfect trust. Through the mist of time, with eyes that see and ears that hear beyond the veil. Shadows and hurricane at my back, I trust fall into wonder and joy. There is no lie of the tongue or mind that can bind me, there is no poison served that cannot be alchemized into golden medicine of light. In this liminal space of unfolding, I feel the fires of Saint Brigid call to me. Their rumble and crackle stir within the power of the ages, the mystic breath that floats from the depths of creations guttural cry and into the form of a miracle at hand. A great story of freedom, of a love that cannot help but burst forth from that holy place, spilling gemstones of precious forgiveness and compassion. My cup runneth over. I nourish and purify this knowing flowing from the diamond of light within, - a gift from the gods of air water fire and earth. Let passion, spirit, breath, and hope quicken into the hearts and minds of those who would join in the soul wanderings of the mystical. Who know the true value of a heart that leaves it's body to kiss the moon at night, who take the time to make love to the vision of a great mountain, who's breath catches at the glimpse of the earth and it's creatures at play, at one with their nature, who can feel heaven in the passing of water through the tips of their fingers and knowing that the great spirit regards their unique fingerprint with a leaping heart of joy as it passes over it's cool mutability, celebrating a seeing of oneness. A seeing into the beauty of a love that passes understanding. A love that knows the depths of your sorrow and darkness and chooses to reveal with a holy kiss that you are more radiant than you know. Let the radiance quicken and rumble, lighting the divine spark within, igniting senses, freedoms and song long forgotten in a wintering soul. Blessed Imbolc to all.

Written by Kristen Gandy

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