Meditation has come to mean a lot of different things to many people. There are many varied practices and modalities that reflect a global desire to tap into wisdom, serenity, reverence and devotion, or deep soul listening. My personal experience as a lifelong mediator and now instructor reflects the vast nature of meditation. As a teacher, I will always be a student - learning new methods, digging deeper into the scientific aspects of the mind body connection, and expanding my understanding. My approach to facilitating and teaching one-on-one meditation reflects the needs of my clients at the time. It is my privilege to listen and help you honor your personal desires, working to design a practice that will be meaningful for you and assist you to move into a space of greater freedom.

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Influences on my Teaching Practice

Many of my teaching practices stem from a variety of healing modalities including breathwork, meditation, and sound healing. My education stems from traditional yogic practices from India (Yogamu), my integrated studies and psychology degrees (Central New Mexico), mindfulness and meditation training (Complementary Therapists Association), Arthur Findlay Spiritualist College, and the highly acclaimed school of life. 

My primary influences are neuroscience, stoic philosophy, epigenetics, biological and positive psychology, ancient and transcendent mysticism, archetype and myth examination, and the medicine of sound. 

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This siren ocean lullaby is created with vocals sung into a frame drum. Additional instruments used are an ocean drum and a crystal singing bowl. It is designed to help with peacefully slipping into the dream time or activating a sense of mystical ancient remembering.


This meditation serves as a replenishment of the soul for anyone who feels called or guided to act as a healer, mystic, or divine conduit. Breaking away from the trappings of fear, we embrace our connection to source, realign to trust, and commit to our inner knowing that the divine lovingly holds and guides us as we manifest beauty, truth, and goodness through our giftings.


Are you looking to host a meditation or sound therapy session at your workplace, spa, or healing place? I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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