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A Poem for Josh

This is a poem that came forward for a couple that frequents lullaby sessions on Insight Timer. They donated an instrument for the sound temple that belongs to their son who transitioned into the mystery beyond this life. This was written for them and for all who desire to be reminded that their loved ones will always be loving. <3

With all things lost in this world of grief

One thing cannot be denied

That those who know and love us so

Shine love from the other side

The heart it grieves for the unexplained

Pain that returns inevitable

But the slivers of light that pierce the heart

Leave moments that are unforgettable

Just in the moment of great despair

When the goodness seems so moot

Hope strides in gallantly - whispering courage

And angels resume their flutes

Persevere in love, do not lose heart

Though the way on the path seems dim

You're supported and guided, it's never subsided

We are always here for your win

And though you may miss a sweet forehead kiss

You'll find us here with insistence

That the beauty of love shines down from above

May your light be matched with persistence.

Written by Kristen Gandy

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